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The Owner

In the midst of the pandemic, Kiki pivoted from her salon business to online crystal sales, sparking the birth of 6-11 Crystals with a driveway sale featuring local artists and a psychic. Now a thriving treasure trove of dazzling gems, metaphysical books, and handmade goodies in a physical store and online, 6-11 Crystals is known for its welcoming vibe, personalized service, and community spirit. Learn more about our journey and join the fun on our ABOUT US page!

Featured Gemstones


Imagine the lushest green swirled with deep forest huesβ€”that's malachite for you. This beauty is your wise guardian, helping you clear out emotional baggage and pave the way for new beginnings. Keep it close, enhance your intuition, and let the good vibes roll in! 🌿✨


Sunstone is like having a pocketful of sunshine wherever you go! This dazzling gem lifts your spirits, boosts confidence, and fills you with joy and positivity. Think of it as your personal ray of sunshine, brightening up even the gloomiest days. 🌞✨


Oh, carnelian! This fiery gem is your ultimate pick-me-up, boosting energy and creativity. Feeling stuck or need a confidence boost? Carnelian sparks motivation, passion, and inner courage, igniting your drive and enthusiasm.πŸ”₯✨