About Us

Mission Statement

As a women and queer-owned enterprise, our business is deeply committed to harnessing the transformative potential of rocks, gems, and the metaphysical realm. Our mission is to ensure accessibility to these healing resources regardless of budget constraints, while upholding stringent ethical standards. Furthermore, we actively support fellow family-owned businesses worldwide, reinforcing our dedication to sustainable commerce and community empowerment.

Our story:

During the pandemic, Kiki faced uncertainty amidst widespread salon closures. Turning to online crystal sales, she organized a successful driveway sale, gathering artist friends and a psychic. This event marked the inception of what later became 611 Crystals.

As salons reopened, Kiki shifted her focus, transitioning crystal sales to her salon and expanding online offerings. With rapid growth, she sought a dedicated retail space, resulting in a shop offering crystals, metaphysical books, cards, and locally crafted items, fostering community for the pagan population.

Local artists selling on commission complemented the space with handmade goods, jewelry, and niche products. Personalized customer service, offering encouragement, hugs, and laughter, became the store's hallmark.

Managing the store with her children and best friend imbued it with a special atmosphere, making 611 Crystals a cherished community establishment.

The vision behind 611 Crystals is to provide a welcoming environment for exploring the wonders of Mother Earth's creations. Departing from traditional religious structures, the aim is to foster community, offering space for dialogue, laughter, and emotional support.

Since her college years, Kiki dreamed of owning a business with a different ethos, prioritizing the well-being of staff and customers. Today, this ethos is reflected in the employment of four full-time staff across two shops and an online platform.

Beyond commerce, Kiki aims to contribute to the local economy while bringing spiritual retail to the heart of America. At 611 Crystals, every customer interaction is infused with genuine care. The establishment also serves as a safe haven for marginalized communities, actively supporting women's and LGBTQIA+ causes through charitable initiatives.