Coaching with Kiki!

Crystal Clear Mindset

Are you looking for a life coach / mentor / healer?

Do you feel stuck in a life rut?  Topped out in a place that isn’t bringing you much anymore?  Feeling resentful or frustrated at what other people have but think you can’t have it no matter how hard you try?  That “no good deed goes unpunished?” or other limiting thoughts and life patterns? 

You might just be the perfect candidate for mentoring, healing and coaching.

Why Kiki?  Kiki is first and foremost a natural born, intuitive healer and has been doing this work in some form or another her entire life, far before she even knew what she was doing.  Later, she studied and become certified in Heather Askinosie’s Crystal Healing modality and also in Vianna Stibel’s ThetaHealing ™ while also attending countless classes, forums and seminars on various metaphysical healing modalities and reading books upon books.  But the biggest influence on her healing has been the experience she’s gained in the field of owning 6-11 Crystals, LLC.  Thousands of people have passed through the door on our shop and hundreds of spontaneous healings have happened right in that space.  She also a wealth of experience taking private clients as well.

Kiki calls upon her unique experience to get to the core of what is holding you back and works with God/Source/Creator/Universal Love to remove those blocksl and help you level up to exactly the place you want to be.  This is done using a combination within her skill set that is tailored to where YOU are.  

“Okay, I’m convinced.  Where do I make an appointment?  And how much is this?” Currently, Kiki takes on a very limited number of private clients at any given time so as to ensure that each client is getting the time and attention required to facilitate the level of healing that each individual is seeking and capable of.  Because of this limited number, Kiki asks each prospective client to fill out the application to work with her so that you both feel good about the vibrational relationship.  You will be notified either way if she selects you or passes and why.  She may also desire to have a phone call or some other form of further communication in order to make the decision.  This is not only for her benefit and peace of mind but also so you feel confident in knowing she’s the right practitioner for you as well.

What you need to know:

  • Kiki takes a limited amount of clients to ensure a work/life balance and that you are getting the highest care.
  • Her current fee is $150 per 45-60 minute session. 
  • The average number of sessions it takes to get to the core of your issue(s) depends on many factors but generally 3-10 although that is just an estimate and does not indicate how many you will specifically need.   
  • To get started, click on the link below to fill out the questionnaire.

Kiki Nystrom
Owner of 611 Crystals