Manifest It Class – Recorded



LEARN FROM THE QUEEN OF MANIFESTING HERSELF and join Kiki, owner of 6-11 Crystals, certified ThetaHealing ™ practitioner and certified crystal healer, for a course on MANIFESTING.
What the heck is manifesting, you ask? And why on earth would I want to learn about it or use it? GREAT QUESTIONS!
Do you imagine a life you don’t have? Looking for more money, a promotion, your dream job, the perfect partner(s) for you, the BEST self-esteem or something else? Manifesting is learning how to get into the vibration and mindset of having what you want so that your vibration matches your desire, and you naturally draw to you what you want.
In this class we will…
*Pinpoint what you truly desire and what you currently feel worth of having
*Find out about limiting beliefs and energetic blocks that are currently keeping you from having those things
*Learn basic muscle testing to help determine if your limiting beliefs and blocks go deeper than you realize
*Learn specific techniques to raise your vibration in order to attract what you want


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